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"I wish I found you sooner"- the common sentiment expressed by our customers who have endured hours of frustration and unreliable developers while trying to tackle Shopify challenges.

Our deep Shopify expertise and commitment to staying updated, sets us apart from other developers. As a result, we provide prompt responses beyond anyone else.

We have our in-house developers that guarantee excellence, and not another outsourcing company that delivers subpar results with third party developers. Unlike other freelancers, we stand by our high-quality work, providing free assistance for any bugs or errors encountered.

We sit by your side!

Your Trusted    Partner

At Made4Uo, we believe in learning by doing.

By helping others, we expand our own expertise. 🌟

You'll find us actively sharing insights and solving puzzles in the Shopify Community. We're not just experts; we're fellow learners committed to making Shopify better for everyone.

🛡️ A Friendly Heads-Up: In 2021, there were incidents of content theft by some Shopify Partners. It's crucial to partner with someone you can trust. Always verify the credibility of a Shopify Partner before granting store access.

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Clients who have not only tried our code snippets and our services but also placed their trust in us.


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Embraced by Basic Shopify to Shopify Plus store owners, trusted and relied upon.

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    Affordable price

    No outsourcing, no middlemen. No purchase necessary for small theme updates.

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    Fast Replies

    You are not left alone with non-working purchased code.

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    100% Code Satisfaction

    Codes are written with precision. No external library being use.



Contact Made4Uo

Let us know what you need to be done and send us an email or use "Chat with us."


Receive a Quote

Price quote and time frame will be provided. If both parties agreed, we proceed to next step. We quote LESS than others.


Code Installation

Made4Uo will need collaborator's access to your website for code installation, depending how complicated is the code.


Pay When Done

If the Shopify website is a development or under trial, we will require payment upfront.

Real Comments from Real People

Trusted by thousands of Shopify users

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    Very satistified with the product I bought. Actually, bought the product 3 months ago and I have to update my theme. Mary was so helpful and provided me support.
    - Isabel,   Fri, Jan 05, 2024
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    Amazing service, always very helpful. I had a few bugs in my shopify theme that I had been trying to fix for some time now and they were finally able to solve that for me.
    - Mari,   Sun, Dec 03, 2023
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    Very helpful easy to set-up and works amazing thank you!
    - EVY,   Sat, Sep 23, 2023
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    Great service. Great turnaround. Saved me so much frustration trying to add a custom font myself. Made4U just did it and then wrote instructions on how to keep it updated when I need to update the theme. I hope to work with them again.
    - Jennifer Burke,   Mon, Jun 12, 2023
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    WOW top notch solution ! Worked like a charm 🙂 A Huge thank you Made4Uo.
    - RaphGO,   Thu, Jun 08, 2023
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    Amazing service Amazing service! So fast. Add an issue with my theme, I was able to solve it super quick with fast support assisting me personally to suit my theme. Thanks again! You made my day today... . Anyone out there, do keep in touch with any coding help here.
    - Rachitha,   Fri, May 19, 2023
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    Amazing Amazing. So fast in responding to queries and super helpful. Would definitely recommend. The code sections I've used are terrific and work perfectly.
    - ryan fernando,   Tue, May 02, 2023
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    best tuto ever, thank you very much
    - foxsportbrand4665,   Mon, May 01, 2023
  • Verify Comment
    This worked perfectly! Thank you so much.
    - Emma1903,   Fri, Mar 03, 2023
  • Verify Comment
    I found a workaround! I used the code you provided @made4Uo but put it as a custom css in the customize section of the theme for each content toggle section, this way it worked and showed up only there. Thank you so much!
    - Madeleine4,   Tue, Feb 21, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a Shopify Website. We face the same problems and same struggles as a Shopify store owner. That is the reason, we decided to extend our hand by providing straight forward codes and offer theme modification. We used no APP nor external library when writing codes.

Have a problem with the purchase code?

No code is perfect, especially if every Shopify store have different app running or different custom codes or different theme. If you have problems with the purchased code, please do not hesitate to contact us using "Chat with us." Please also provide your website to better assist you.

Why ask me to sign up?

Signing up is your choice. You can only access the FREE codes if you sign up. We seldom send emails, but will post announcements at the user's page. Your privacy is our priority. Signing up assures that the codes you bought would be available to any devices you might use.

May I get a reimbursement?

Sales are final. This is a digital product and will get the code as soon as you purchase it. With that being said, no reimbursement will be issued if product is bought by mistake. Please make sure the code is what you needed. If in doubt, message us before purchasing. We added demo stores in some of the blog to help you decide. If you have issues with the code, please contact me with "Chat with us."

How to contact Made4Uo?

You can easily contact us using "Chat with us." We check the chatbox almost every hour. Please free to email me as well using the link here. Made4Uo's time zone is Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7). We have a main developer and also have other developers that might be able to answer your question.

How to give store access to Made4Uo?

Never ever give your password or user name to anyone, not even to your family. All we need to have access to your store is your website url associated with Shopify. You will receive an email regarding collaborator's request to the email connected to Shopify. We mostly just need access to "themes", depending where the edits will be made. We like to remove access from your store after the edits are done. So we do not have to scroll down to find other websites (",). Don't take this the wrong way!

How can I see the code after a purchase?

You will NOT have an instant download nor will receive the code via email when you purchase the code. The code will be at the website with instructions provided. After you finish the purchase, you should be able to see the code in the blog page. The section "click to buy" (see below image) should open up a code with the clipboard button to copy (see the second image below). Click to copy image Sample open code with the clipboard copy button You can also go to your Account page to see the link where the code is. To go to your Account page, please see your user icon that contains your initials on the right upper corner once you logged in. If you are in mobile, please click on the menu and you should see the Account link. In your account page, you will see the history of your purchases. Please click in the SEE code link (see image below) to be routed to the blog URL. The blog should have a code open for you to copy. see code link If you still not able to see the code, please do not hesitate to contact Made4Uo at You can also use the "Chat with us" or the contact us page.